Welcome to Wing Chun Path

At Wing Chun Path we aim to seek, understand, and practise the real power of Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Being of the Chu Shong Tin lineage we place emphasis on correct structure, releasing tension, and mind-body connection.

This nurtures powerful Wing Chun skills while improving posture, awareness, concentration and general health.
We have more in common with Tai Chi in our approach than we do with application-only based schools.

We are located nearby the city of Perth, Western Australia.
Suitable for adults of all ages.

The principle instructor has been practicing Wing Chun since 1986 and has 25+ years of teaching experience to help guide you on your journey in kung fu and self discovery.

Wing Chun Path is a proud member of the Australian Wing Chun Federation

Beginners Welcome!

Our friendly instructors and students are keen to help new students discover this deep and amazing martial art. Regardless whether you have previous martial art experience or not we can all learn something new.

Old Students Welcome!

We would also love to see more of our kung fu brothers and sisters returning back to training. Rediscover the enjoyment of practising Wing Chun. A few of our students are from other lineages and are enjoying deep powerful concepts and skills.


Wing Chun Path aims to understand, practice and teach Wing Chun as taught to us by our lineage:
Yip Man --> Chu Shong Tin --> Jim Fung --> Gary King

Wing Chun Path


Closed over Xmas and New Year.


6.30 pm - 7.30 pm at the
Shenton Park Community Centre

12.30 - 2.00 pm in 

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